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Special Services

Delta Gear Up | Alternative Learning Environment | Gifted & Talented Education | Special Education

Delta Gear Up

Delta Gear-Up, sponsored by Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, offers various resources and programs for our students to improve their academic performance. Resources include classroom supplies, technology equipment and software. Students can take advantage of the many programs available such as free academic tutoring, college and career planning, parental involvement meetings, and summer school activities. 

The 2017-18 Delta Gear-Up Coordinator is Mrs. Nancy Whiting. She may be reached at DeWitt High school at 1614 S. Grandview Drive, by phone at 870.946.4661, or by email:

Alternative Learning Environment (ALE)

The Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) is part of an intervention program designed to provide guidance counseling, and academic support to students who are experiencing emotional, social, or academic problems.

An ALE placement team, appointed by the superintendent, has the responsibility of determining student placement. Students may be enrolled in ALE only on the referral of the ALE placement team. Students who are placed in the ALE shall exhibit at least two of the following characteristics:

  • Disruptive behavior;
  • Dropping out from school;
  • Personal or family problems or situations;
  • Recurring absenteeism;
  • For the purposes of the ALE, personal or family problems or situations are conditions that negatively affect the student’s academic and social progress. These may include, but are not limited to ongoing, persistent lack of attaining proficiency levels in literacy and mathematics; abuse: physical, mental, or sexual; frequent relocation of residency; homelessness; inadequate emotional support; mental/physical health problems; pregnancy; or single parenting.

No later than five school days after a student begins ALE interventions the ALE placement team will develop a signed agreement between the ALE, the parent or legal guardian (if they choose to participate), and the student, outlining the responsibility of the ALE, parent or legal guardian, and the student to provide assurance that the plan for each student is successful.

No later than one week after a student begins ALE interventions, the ALE placement team will assess the student’s current functioning abilities and all relevant social, emotional, academic, career, and behavioral information and develop an Student Action Plan (SAP) outlining the intervention services to be provided to the student that is in compliance with the Arkansas Department of Education rules. The SAP may be revised from time to time by the ALE placement team and a positive behavior or transitional plan shall be developed and added to the SAP prior to a student’s return to the regular educational environment. The district’s ALE program qill follow class size, staffing, curriculum, and expenditure requirements identified in the ADE rules.

The 2017-18 DeWitt High School ALE teacher is Matt Garriott. He may be reached at the high school at 1614 S. Grandview Drive, by phone at 870.946.4661, or by email at

The 2017-18 DeWitt Middle School ALE teacher is Ms. Deane McEuen. She may be reached at the middle school at 1209 W. 16th Street, by phone at 870.946.3708, or by email at

Gifted & Talented Education

The Gifted and Talented program is designed to provide elementary students who need challenging and enriching activities in addition to those provided in the regular classroom. Through careful, comprehensive identification procedures students are selected for the program. Identification procedures ensure inclusion of students from all cultural and economic backgrounds.

The identification process includes:

  • Nomination
    Students may be nominated for the program by school personnel, parents, or self.
  • Screening Procedures
    A committee of professional educators compiles existing data and gathers additional data, if necessary, to render a placement recommendations. Data to be reviewed for consideration are: Proficient or Advanced on ACTAAP; Iowa Test of Basic Skills; objective, subjective and creativity measures as well as other supporting data. No single criteria or cut-off score is used to include or exclude a student.
  • Selection
    The committee will review the above data; consider student projects, case studies and student interviews. The data will be plotted on a score summary sheet for determination.
  • Placement and Review
    Parents are informed of placement options and must give permission for their child to participate. Placement is reviewed annually to determine appropriate of the placement.

The 2017-18 GT Coordinator is Mrs. Meagan Padgett. She may be reached at DeWitt Elementary School at 1718 S. Grandview Drive, by phone at 870.946.4651, or by email:

Special Education

The district shall provide a free appropriate public education and necessary related services to all children with disabilities residing within the district, required under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ("IDEA"), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Arkansas Statutes. It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are identified, evaluated and provided with appropriate educational services. Students may be disabled within the meaning of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act even though they do not require services pursuant to the IDEA.

For students eligible for services under IDEA, the district shall follow procedures for identification, evaluation, placement, and delivery of services to children with disabilities provided in state and federal statutes which govern special education. Implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in accordance with the IDEA satisfies the district's obligation to provide a free and appropriate education under Section 504.

The Board directs the superintendent to ensure procedures are in place for the implementation of special education services and that programs are developed to conform to the requirements of state and federal legislation. The superintendent is responsible for appointing a district coordinator for overseeing district fulfillment of its responsibilities regarding handicapped students.¹ Among the coordinator's responsibilities shall be ensuring district enforcement of the due process rights of handicapped students and their parents.

The 2017-18 LEA Special Education Supervisor is Mrs. Winnie Wilson. She may be reached at DeWitt Middle School at 1209 W. 16th Street, by phone at 870.946.2541, or by email:

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