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Faculty and Staff Contact Information

The 2016-17 faculty and staff of the district are listed below. Links to individual teachers' classroom websites or blogs are provided where available. Students are encouraged to inquire about finding homework assignments, activity announcments and other online information from their teachers.

Administration | DHS | DMS | DES | GES

District Administrative Office

PO Box 700, 1841 S. Grandview Drive
DeWitt, AR 72042
Phone 870.946.3576
FAX 870.946.1491

Lynne Dardenne Superintendent
Jeff Rader Director of Transportation & Maintenance
Julie Adams Federal Programs & Grants
Winnie Wilson Special Education Coordinator
Carol Simpson Technology
Sandra Beam General Business Manager
Shirley Dillion Administrative Secretary
Kelly Perritt Bookkeeping
Eddie Nordberg Maintenance
Brian Boyd Maintenance
Elvin Wright Maintenance

DeWitt High School

1614 S. Grandview Drive
DeWitt, AR 72042
Phone 870.946.4661
FAX 870.946.2846

Clay Ashcraft Principal
Doug Corley Assistant Principal
Ashley Smith Counselor
Colleen Benthal Nurse
Kim Taylor Secretary
Haley Beaton Secretary
Carole Anderson EAST Lab/DC III & IV
Michelle Black Resource Education
Stephanie Bradley DC I & II, Sr. Tech Seminar
Sheila Byers English 9
Chris Clinton History/Girls Athletics
Mark Courtney Football
JoAnn Cox English 11
Laura Cunningham Resource Education
Chrystal Dumond JDC Paraprofessional
Susan Fisher Paraprofessional
Matt Forester English 10/Oral Communications
Vikki Guest Paraprofessional
Lindsay Hestir Geometry/Algebra II
Amy Holbert Librarian
Drew Horton Health/P.E./Boys Athletics
Susan Horton Resource Education
Dot Hubsch Chemistry/Physics
Hollye Jackson Art
Garrett Kibble ISS Paraprofessional
Michael Lewis Driver's Ed/Boys Athletics
Angie Mannis Algebra I
Chaunda Mannis Family & Consumer Science
LeeAnn Morgan English 12
Teresa Oswalt Paraprofessional
Melissa Patterson Civics/World History/Yearbook
Randy Phillips ALE/Boys Athletics
Mallory Roberts Biology
Kyle Rowland Algebra III/Pre-AP Calculus
Eric Rutherford Band/Choir
Julie Sebree CBA/Office Management
Hunter Smith Physical Science
Leasa Smith Distance Learning
Ronnie Smith Physical Science
Stanley Taylor Resource Education/Boys Athletics
Marty Weaver Juvenile Detention Center Education
Daniel White Civics
Nancy Whiting CBA/Accounting I
Rose Williams Cafeteria
Debrah Woods Cafeteria
Kathy Trimble Cafeteria
Joyce Smith Cafeteria
Brenda Johnson Cafeteria

DeWitt Middle School

1209 W. 16th Street
DeWitt, AR 72042
Phone 870.946.3708
FAX 870.946.1301

Justin Russell Principal
Jonathan Eggerman Dean of Students
Courtny Barnett Counselor
Sissy Odaware Math/Science/Literacy Coach
Winnie Wilson LEA Special Education Supervisor
Leigh Ann Haynes Nurse
Becca Lane Secretary
Mikki Milliken Secretary
Gwen Vogler Secretary
Sheila Byers Social Studies 7
Judy Boyd Paraprofessional
Stacy Carr Literacy 7
Pam Carver Librarian, DMS & GES
Mandy Cotten Social Studies 6 & 7
Candace Coleman READ 180
Dalton Cox Science 8/Asst. Coach
Brandi Dollar Math 6
Clay Dollar Arkansas History/History 8
Jacqueline Duncan Resource Education
Debbie English Odyssey Lab
Emily Fisher Business Education/Computer Technology
James Guest Art
Linda Gunnell Science 6
Krystal Harrison Resource Education
Melanie Hill Math 7
Deane McEuen ALE
Paige Patterson Family Works/Career Orientation
Bobby Peeks P.E./Health
Laura Robinson ISS
Kyle Rowland Project Lead the Way
Julie Rutherford Band/Music/Choir
Terrye Seamon Literacy 8
Jill Shook Paraprofessional
Carole Wallace Literacy 6
Vanessa White Math 8

DeWitt Elementary School

1718 S. Grandview Drive
DeWitt, AR 72042
Phone 870.946.4651
FAX 870.946.4652

Julie Amstutz Principal
Bobbie Lynn Steeland Assistant Principal
Mark Courtney Dean of Students
Lori Wilson Counselor
Faith Watkins Secretary
Whitney Wright Secretary
Haley Smith Nurse
Heather Danner Librarian
Meagan Padgett GT/Math Coach
Chasity Chastain Dyslexia Inter & Literacy Coach
Brittany Ligon Speech
Patricia Silva ELL
Nancy Corley Art/Grade Level Voice
Lindsay Beaton P.E.
Jennifer Clifton Resource Education
Charley Jo Coleman Resource Education
Kyla Ritter Resource Education/Grade Level Voice
Claudette Cover Pre-K
Wendy Hake Pre-K
Carrie Ashcraft Pre-K Family Service Manager
Keta Turner Kindergarten
Sara Eggerman Kindergarten
Caitlin Gorman Kindergarten
Paula Snyder Kindergarten
Amy Watkins Kindergarten
Lisa Blackmon 1st Grade
Jessica Smith 1st Grade
Traci Davis 1st Grade
Ashley Fisher 1st Grade/Grade Level Voice
Brittany Briggs 1st Grade
Misty Dumond 2nd Grade/Grade Level Voice
JoAnna Earhart 2nd Grade
Terri Patton 2nd Grade
Kim Hathorn 2nd Grade
Dana Horton 3rd Grade
Gina Watkins 3rd Grade
Holly Sloan 3rd Grade/Grade Level Voice
Kelly Self 3rd Grade
Alesha Jones 4th Grade
Kaci Simpson 4th Grade
Kara Roesner 4th Grade/Grade Level Voice
Jody Courtney 5th Grade/Grade Level Voice
Karen Hawkins 5th Grade
Sheila Jarrett 5th Grade
Megan Curtis 5th Grade
Pat Rawls Paraprofessional
Kay Mitchell Paraprofessional
Charlotte Young Paraprofessional/Grade Level Voice
Robin Pattillo Paraprofessional
Stacy McPherson Paraprofessional
Betty Vansandt Paraprofessional
Jane Hubsch Paraprofessional
Helen Rone Paraprofessional
Brenda Henderson Paraprofessional
Carmella Simpson Paraprofessional
Sharon Duncan Food Service Director
Debbie Childers Cafeteria
Tommie Jo Mannis Cafeteria
Connie Moyer Cafeteria
Dianne Clawson Cafeteria
Brian Boyd Maintenance

Gillett Elementary School

313 S. 6th Street
Gillett, AR 72042
Phone 870.548.2466
FAX 870.548.2281

Rachel Mitchell Principal
Lisa Jones Secretary
Diane Howell Counselor
Tricia Young Librarian
Leigh Ann Haynes Nurse
Brittany Ligon Speech/Language
Meagan Padgett Gifted & Talented
Krystal Harrison Resource
Nancy Whiting Keyboarding
Lindsay Beaton P.E.
Nancy Corley Art
Shelbi White Music
Carrie Ashcraft Pre-K Family Service Manager
Leah Endsley Pre-K
Jessica James Pre-K Paraprofessional
Sheila Dodson Paraprofessional
Teesa Clawson 4th & 5th Literacy
Misty Everett 4th & 5th Math & Science
Gayle Womack 3rd Grade
Betsy Long 2nd Grade
Toshia Dillion 1st Grade
Kathleen Puryear Kindergarten
Terri Pace Cafeteria

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PO Box 700 | 1841 S. Grandview Drive
DeWitt, AR 72042
Phone 870.946.3576 | FAX 870.946.1491

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