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Privacy Policy

The DeWitt School District shall maintain a website to provide information about its schools, students, and activities to the community. This policy is adopted to promote continuity between the different pages on the district website by establishing guidelines for their construction and operation.

The DeWitt School District website shall be used for educational purposes only. It shall not create either a public or a limited public forum. Any link from any page on the District's site may only be to another educational site. The website shall not use "cookies" to collect or retain identifying information about visitors to its website nor shall any such information be given to "third parties." Any data collected shall be used solely for the purpose of monitoring site activity to help the district improve the usefulness of the site to its visitors.

Each school's website shall be under the supervision of the school's Web Master and the District's website shall be under the supervision of the District's Web Master. They shall have the responsibility for ensuring that web pages meet appropriate levels of academic standards and are in compliance with these guidelines and any additional administrative regulations. To this end the District and School Web Masters shall have the authority to review and edit any proposed changes to web pages to ensure their compliance with this policy. All such editing shall be viewpoint neutral.

The site serves no commercial purpose and does not collect any information from individuals for such purpose. Photographs of students, when associated with the student's name, shall not be displayed on any page of the district's website without the prior written consent of the parent (or the student is 18 or older). When posted, the photographs shall not be directly associated with the full name of the student.

The site provides for email communication between the District and individuals for the purpose of exchanging information regarding the District and its activities or between teachers and their students. The site may also provide for password protected communication between the District and its staff.

*Note: The language contained in both this Privacy Policy and the District Web Site policy has been carefully constructed with relation to the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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