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Communications between school and home have never been more important -- for weather notification, emergency alerts, or other general announcements. In the next few weeks if your phone rings and you think it is a telemarketer or you get a text from an unfamiliar number, don't hang up or delete the message!

DeWitt School District has implemented SchoolReach, a broadcast system which enables school personnel to notify all households and parents in the event of an emergency, inclement weather, or other school communication such as reminders of open house, parent-teacher conferences or meetings.

Current Contacts

SchoolReach utilizes the contact information that is on file with DeWitt School District for each student.Please make sure the school's office has current contact information.
You may update your information any time using the links listed on this page for each school.

Download the App

Manage contact numbers, email addresses, and opt-in/out preferences, all from the convenience of your smartphone! It's free and now available at your iPhone or Android app store. 

Caller ID

The Superintendent's Office number, 870-946-3576, will appear on your Caller ID. If you miss the call and see the number, please DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL! Call the Message Retrieval Line: 855-955-8500.

MessagesLive Answers

SchoolReach uses voice detection technology so you only need to say "hello" once, but you must say "hello" to begin the message. The message will usually begin a few seconds after your voice is detected. Please note that multiple "hellos" will delay the message.

Message Retrieval Line

SchoolReach archives the school's messages for 30 days, just in case you miss them. Simply call 855-955-8500 from the phone number on file and follow the prompts to hear any messages previously sent.

Parent Page

Recipients may register their numbers to review past messages and manage opt-in preferences.

Answering Machines/Voice Mail

SchoolReach also detects answering machines and voice mailboxes and will deliver the recorded message. Please note that the recommended number of rings for answering machines is four and recordings should be free of any pauses.

Message Repeat

At the end of the message you will be prompted to "press any key" to hear the message again.


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