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Arkansas School Grading System

by Dr. Lynne Dardenne
Original Publication Date: April 20, 2015

Schools in the DeWitt School District, along with more than 1,000 schools across the state, have received letter grades for the first time in the annual School Report Card released by the Arkansas Department of Education on Wednesday, April 15.

The letter grades, which have been added to the School Report Card, are based on a point system and are intended to represent how well students, as a group, are performing in math and literacy on statewide tests; whether schools are meeting yearly student performance goals and showing expected growth; if schools are meeting graduation goals for all students, and if the achievement gap between groups is sizable. These letter grades do not measure individual student or teacher achievement nor do they take into account other things that schools may be doing well. 

The new letter grades award points based upon four components:

(1). Performance level of students - Students performing at the below basic level receive no points while those performing at the basic level receive .25, those proficient receive 1.0, and those at the advanced level are awarded 1.25.

(2) Schools receive points for meeting a set number of targets that are set for each individual school. A school may have from two to six targets.

(3) Graduation Rate 

(4) The size of the gap between groups of students. Points are either awarded or deducted from a score depending on the size of gap between the groups. 

To learn more information about the new rating system and to view the school report card for all schools, click on the following link:  http://www.arkansased.gov/divisions/public-school-accountability/school-performance/report-card.

A listing of all schools and the letter grades received may be accessed at http://bit.ly/1b7YNkn.

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