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Grab & Go Breakfast

Is the morning rush at your house a mad dash to get out the door, barely having time to grab homework, much less eat a nutritious breakfast? If this sounds familiar, you will be relieved to know that getting that important morning start can now be easier for students at DeWitt High School and DeWitt Middle School.

Just as the name implies, a nutritious breakfast will be available to DHS and DMS students via a centrally-located kiosk every school day. Students may pick up a bagged breakfast meal from carts before school or on the way to first period.

The direct impact of breakfast on academic performance has been well documented and the DeWitt School District Food Services Department is proud to bring students this proven approach to creating classroom environments that promote maximum learning. The supplies and equipment needed to offer this program to our students is made possible by $4,100 grants received at each campus through the Arkansas No Kid Hungry Campaign launched in 2010.

    • Eating breakfast can help improve math, reading and standardized test scores.
    • Children who eat breakfast are more likely to behave better in school and get along with their peers than those who do not.
    • Breakfast helps children pay attention and perform problem-solving tasks, and improves memory.
    • Children who eat school breakfast are less likely to be absent or tardy than those who do not eat breakfast at school.
    • Behavioral and emotional problems are less common among children who consistently have access to regular meals.
    • Eating breakfast improves children's performance on demanding mental tasks and reaction to frustration.

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